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The Reform Movement currently has three different prayer books available to buy: the Days of Awe machzor, the Pilgrim Festivals prayerbook and Seder Ha-T’fillot, Forms of Prayer - the new daily and Sabbath Siddur published in May 2008.

The new Siddur is a highly innovative prayer book which includes services for Shabbat, weekdays, festivals and special occasions. Its flexible format enables you to participate in the most traditional or creative style of service. In new and extended sections, the Community Prayers, Calendar of the Year, Lifecycle Events and Home Services provide a wealth of material for both public and private occasions. Contemporary issues, such as social justice and the environment, are addressed in specially-commissioned prayers and there is also new material offering more musical opportunities to enhance services.

Special features include:

New translations in gender-inclusive English

Easy to read layout, with ribbon markers

Accessible transliteration

Extensive study anthology, commentaries, source references and explanatory footnotes

Two colours throughout with illustrations

Seder Ha-T'fillot Deluxe Edition

2 tone soft PU cover 
Rounded corners; silver edges 
Complete with slip case. 


Seder Ha-T'fillot Compact Edition


pvc cover £12.50


Seder Ha-T'fillot Standard Hardback Edition

sturdy library buckram cover



Days of Awe Machzor

The Days of Awe Machzor comes in standard cloth.

The book contains all services for Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur, as well as excellent study anthologies and introductory passages.

Standard cloth good secondhand copies


Pilgrim Festivals Machzor

The Pilgrim Festivals Machzor comes in standard cloth

This book contains all services for Sukkot, Simchat Torah, Pesach and Shavuot with associated readings and services for the home.


Haggadateinu - Our Haggadah

New Reform Haggadah

In Stock



Thanksgiving After Meals Booklet




Old Edition without transliteration 10 copies



Forms of Prayer, Funeral Service, Consecration of Memorial Prayers on Visting a Grave (New Edition 2009)



Evening Payers. Reform Judaism



Shabbat Services Large Print Extracts (Paperback)




A Passion for Judasim

A Festschrift - Essays in Honour of Tony Bayfield

by Jonathan A. Romain



ISBN:  0947884084

Faith and Practice: A Guide to Reform Judaism Today (Paperback)

by Jonathan A. Romain



ISBN:  0947884173

God, Doubt and Dawkins: Reform Rabbis Respond to the Dawkins Delusion (Paperback)

by Jonathan A. Romain 



ISBN:  0947884203

Really Useful Prayers

by Jonathan A. Romain



ISBN:  085303298X

Tradition and Change: A History of Reform Judaism in Britain, 1840-1995

by Anne J. Kershen & Jonathan A. Romain



ISBN:  0334029481

Reform Judaism and Modernity: A Reader (Paperback)

by Jonathan A. Romain



ISBN:  13 978-0-947884-21-5

Great Reform Lives - Rabbis who dared to differ

Edited by Jonathan A. Romain








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